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Vision2, a world of Activeworlds

Vision2 was online June 14th 2001 and had had many themes during the years.

A break of 11 years was neccessary, but it is open again since months back (August 2019).

In 2001 Vision2 got the CY Award For Best Envirement The theme at that time was LOTR (Lord Of The Ring) by JR. Tolkien, and it was a very popular theme as the trialog of the movies was showing all around the world.

Since then there have been several kinds of themes.

Winter Christmas (Gigglewick), Summer (The Enchanted Forest), Halloween and at last a main theme (Castles and more), in which builders are able to make their marks.

The Object Path of Vision2 are made from either Uberpath, bought, given as gifts or made by the owner. Vision2 has its own OY now Vision2OY (2020). Vision2 is open for building of experienced builders.

If you are interested you are welcome to contact Lady Pippin inworlds.

Screenshots galleries show the Theme and same time the name of the season.

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