Galleries of Themes in Vision2:

Gigglewick is a Christmas world and here is it the same as above. Great places, dangerly places and great building skills shows up here and there. Gigglewick is a name of an English village and are open during the winter from each December.

Halloween is as we all know a spooky place, but also a good building skill are shown. There is no limitation on the fantasy and are online only each October.

LOTR is a special theme as it was the second theme in Vision2, built of inspirations of the movies that was in the cinemas at that time, it might be online during summertime, before or after the The Enchanted Forest theme.

Main or Vision2, what it is called as the first theme of the world starting June 14th 2001. This will be themes that will be up between seasons if there is no other plan. People from other places are welcome to build, with a permission from the owner. The persons needs great building skills

The Enchanted Forest is all about FairyTales and building skills concerning the environment. There are nice things, dangerly places and hidden caves. The theme are online during the summertime


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