Lady Pippin discovered AW in mid 1996 when she, by mistake, discovered Microsoft's Comic chat. She heard people often say, "Try AW - try AW". Late in 1996 (yeah, it took her that long)she downloaded ActiveWorlds, and in April 1997 she became a citizen. "In the beginning I was a tourist long time, as I didn't have a credit card at that moment so it took 6 weeks to get the money order through. I was a Tour guide in real life (she lives in Europe) and I wasn't able to be online as much as I wanted".

Asked why she joined the Peacekeepers she replied, "I joined because m0e asked me and he told me it would be a good thing for me if I wanted to be in a community. Also I remember a certain PK that was involved in a land controversy I had with another citizen. My impression of how that situation became resolved gave me a good feeling about the PK's. I like to helping people with their personal problems or their online situations as well as answering building questions." Lady Pippin does not have a regular patrol time and is a floater PK. .

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Lady Pippin is more than casually involved with the PK organization and performs the extra duties of a Peacekeeper trainer in PKA (Peacekeeper Academy. She was, until recently, actively involved in AWEC but her real life as a job (Photographer) necessitated her resignation from AWEC. She is also involved in AVV(that what she thinks it's called) Her exceptional rivers and swamps can be seen in av02 world.

Lady Pippin is a prolific and a great builder and has several worlds that citizens and tourists can visit. Vision2, her main world, is built in celebration and spirit of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. She won a Cy Award for Vision2. The other world is Bridge1 (is closed in writing moment) which is a theme world or season world. "The 2 first years in AW I was in solitude so to speak. I found out how to build which happened in the world America - where she build the first sneaky maze (which is complete gone). Then I started Pippinville in Alphaworld (aw 1952.0S 2568.0E 0.0a 269)." Pippinville is a must see.

Asked what her interests outside of AW were she replied,"My primary interests? Well, I am an artist besides my job as a photographer, I paint (primary watercolor)by using differently media, and play with the computer where I produce graphics. You can see my work at - Portfolio "The message I have for the citizens and tourists is: Have fun first of all, and always remember there are REAL PERSONS behind the screen, as are you ^¿^ " .

Years later Vision2 has several themes, depending of the seasons.

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